April 2016


Moving into your very first house can be thrilling. While it’s true that you probably don’t have the funds or the savings to buy your very first house in the best of neighborhoods, it’s still thrilling because it’s all yours.
You pay the rent, you buy the furniture, you stock up the fridge and you even pay the current bill! It’s almost like playing house—especially if you’re sharing the house with a friend. When buying furniture for the house though, you can save quite a lot buy opting to buy second hand, used furniture. While you’ll still have to buy the mattresses and such, you can save plenty by buying furniture like bookshelves and shoe racks from sales and used furniture shops.
All it will need is a little elbow grease and some of your creativity, and it will be good as new. Here are the few things you should remember and consider when going shopping for used furniture.

Where to buy from.
This depends on where you live and what you want to buy. If you feel your hometown doesn’t have proper secondhand furniture, then don’t settle for less. Make a day trip to the well reputed second hand dealers of the closest towns. If you’re looking for a bed, then opt for used bar furniture Melbourne at https://www.instyleseating.com.au/bar-furniture/, as they tend to be a little sturdier. Avoid buying used hotel mattresses at all cost, as they might be filled with germs!

Be informed.
While you can simply pop into shops looking for furniture, it’s best to know where to look. Keep an eye out for advertisements on the papers (hotel furniture specially is sold this way), and also try to connect and find secondhand furniture shops all around your town using social media and the internet. Blogs are a great way to find good and reliable dealers of bentwood furniture Sydney.

Feel the furniture out.
Don’t be tempted to buy your second hand furniture online, as most used furniture don’t come with return policies. You need to be able to see the furniture and maybe even try it out before you buy it. often, the imperfections and flaws that are eyes see cannot be detected by the eye of the camera; so you wouldn’t know if it had any short comings.

Try to avoid furniture that need a lot of restoring.
Your best bet would be to find furniture that don’t need any replacements or restoring. As this is very rare, look for furniture with minimum damage, and furniture that you can restore and repair by yourself. Upholstery specially costs a lot, and can be a burden.  Always check the furniture from all angles. Take the measurements to make sure that you’re only buying furniture that will fit the space you have and fit through your doorways. It’s also not to a bad idea to pop into secondhand furniture stores often, even if you don’t have anything to buy. This will make you familiar with the prices and deals.


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Ah, dates. They give you the best feeling in the world and also the worst. If you finally managed to screw up the courage to ask that pretty coworker out, you might have been in hell for the entire five seconds it took for her to say yes. Now, the pressure is probably mounting again. Where do you take her? To a fine dining place? To Burger King? The options are endless, and your nervous mind is probably going to mess it up by taking her to Taco Bell and ordering a Whopper. You need to calm down and romance her in the right way if you really want to get to know this girl and impress her. Balance is everything, young padawan learner.


This doesn’t mean that you have to find a place where you dine on bean bags. All you need to have is personal comfort, emotionally and psychologically, with the place you are taking your date. Now, waterfront dining is a very good option, but try not to make it a fine dining establishment. As much as you think that it will make you seem so much more cultured, it might backfire on you. A place like this is very stiff and proper. You won’t be able to relax because of the paranoia of all the other diners watching you (even though they aren’t). The pressure of not messing up is simply too much. You need to be sure that you and your date can relax, talk, laugh and get to know each other without it being casual enough to seem lazy on your part.


If you are a romantic at heart, you have probably dreamed of taking your date out on that perfect movie fairytale dinner. Well, you can come close enough to it as long as you pick a place with the right ambiance. Waterfront dining is a great way to add to intimacy & romance, as you can dine to the lights of the city across the water and the sound of the waves lapping at the nearby shore.

Always have a theme when you take your date to a restaurant, no matter what the theme is (this doesn’t mean that a strip club is a viable option). Make it so that the two of you are stepping into a whole new world together when you enter. A good way to make this happen is to also try international cuisine, because it literally is a whole new world!

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If you love music and are passionate about the industry, then do know that there is so much you can do to enjoy the true beauty of this field. Listening to YouTube song videos all day is not a great way to explore your passion. There are various other ways, much more creative ways, in which you can do this. Here are some ideas that you can take into consideration.
Write a song The first thought that might surface your head is ‘Oh no. I can’t do it’. This is probably what the greatest composers said to themselves at the beginning. All of us believe that we are incapable of being an artist since we think that we are only good at being an audience member. Who knows, maybe you are much more capable than you think you are. You will never know until you give it a shot. So, say goodbye to your pessimism and give it a try.
Go for a concertThere is a big difference between visiting a live music bar and a live music concert. Although the former option is considerably cheaper and less congested, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your idol perform live in stage. Do not miss the opportunity to see your favorite singer live on stage. This will definitely be the happiest moment of your life. Of course, it will cost you a great deal. But the feeling of seeing your idol perform in person will be worth every penny.
Visit an orchestra You might prefer the R & B music at a live music bar. But no one can criticize the beauty of an orchestra performance. It does not just appeal to you ears, but an orchestra can appeal to all of your senses. It will, without doubt, be the most unforgettable musical experience in your life. So, regardless of the type of songs you like to listen to, make sure to visit an orchestra performance at least once. You will definitely start to appreciate its beauty, check this best Hong Kong jazz bar.
Join a band In high school, you will be able to spot a band in every other corner. If you are too shy to join a band, then create your own one. All you need to do is find other people who share your passion. This will definitely be an educating, not to mention a fun, experience. It will enable you to test your skills and abilities at an early age.
You do not necessarily have to do all the things mentioned above right now. Just commit to one at a time for now and aim to achieve all of them in the long-term.

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