Reusing Gift Boxes

Sometimes when we receive a gift, the packaging or the perfect gift box is just so beautiful that we don’t want to part with it. We do not want to throw it away, nor do we want to give it to anyone else. I have come up with some amazing ideas in order to reuse such items. In such ways we do not have to give them away and we can be environmentally friendly by not throwing them away. I will be focusing on wine packaging in this article. These boxes are generally well-made and sturdy, as are the liquor gift bags. Reusing such items is great for the environment, especially if they are well-made, because this implies that they will take longer to decompose, and therefor act as a pollutant for a longer period of time.

Moving on from the seriousness of pollution for just a little while, here are some fun ideas in helping to prevent it. If you have been given a bottle of wine in a paper gift bag you can cut it up into its four sides. It just so happens that a wine is just about the same height as a scrapbooking page. For a lovely effect, you can use this as a border to one side of your decorative page or cut it up into patterns to use for smaller decorative functions. Another cool idea I have seen is people framing particularly beautiful gift wrappings and putting them up in their houses as a modern piece of almost art. Wine gifts New Zealand can be just as versatile. First of all, you can use them for what they were made for. If you do not have a wine rack at home, then you can reuse these gift boxes in order to store your wine. You can leave then as they are, or redecorate them to match your entertainment area. You could even leave them standing upright and open to display the wine available.

Many wine gift boxes also come with two compartments. This makes them perfect for storing shoes. If they are nicely decorated then you can leave them as is in your closet or you can repaint or rewrap them to match your closet or your room. Likewise, you can use them to store, cosmetics, or even construct your own upright jewellery box simply by inserting a rotating chain chandelier of hooks into the top of the box. Ultimately, such a box can be used to store absolutely anything and can be bought or decorated to match any room in your home. This product is so versatile in terms of reusing and recycling, it really would be a waste to throw them away. And by giving them away, you could even be doing someone else a favour instead of yourself.