Popping The Question In A Public Place

For some reason, public marriage proposals have become very popular of late. For every couple who prefers to keep this intimate moment private, there are plenty of couples who go all out. Why the sudden upheaval in making this moment so open to public display? Here is a look at some possible reasons?

Social Media Madness

Thanks to the internet and social media, we live in a culture that loves to share and sometimes overshare. That means that when one person posts something novel, a million others will rush to copy the same. So if one person decided that restaurants in Melbourne would make a good backdrop for a romantic proposal, then others followed suit by doing the same in similar places where you can eat delicious food. By taking pictures, secretly videoing the proposal and otherwise sharing it online, a certain sense of competition is created whereby everyone tries to one up the other person, resulting in proposals that are bigger and more public than ever.

Social Validation

The idea of romantic love is very strongly rooted in the collective psyche thanks to the popular culture and media. Proposing to your significant other in public, especially in restaurants Doncaster and other cities where the clientele is supportive of such expressions, is also a form of seeking social validation for your actions and relationships. Witness how many people smile benevolently when a one person proposes to another in public; some people even encourage the couple to “say yes.” Some establishments even offer special perks like a bottle of bubbly on the house or discounts for the meal when a proposal happens under their roof.

Ideal Romanticism

As mentioned above, popular media inundates our minds with images of romantic love and usually idealizes it above all else. This results in certain gestures being categorized as romantic: bringing flowers, setting up surprise parties, making grand gestures etc. At times, these romantic gestures are also made to feel mandatory and might make the partner doing the asking feel as though he/she needs to do it to make the other partner happy. Thus, proposals that are patterned after movies, scenes in novels, cartoons and music videos are often re-enacted in real life. Many couples draw inspiration from literary works, favourite movies and TV series and other works of fiction in order to make the proposal “magical.”

An Exhibitionist Personality

Then, of course, there are the exhibitionists. The ones who feel so comfortable being expressive of their emotions and feelings that they do it all the time. In public. The term ‘PDA’ (Public Display of Affection) was probably coined to describe a couple who loved showing off their relationship to all and sundry. While there is nothing wrong with being expressive, at times their enthusiasm can border on brazenness and make others uncomfortable. An exhibitionist spirit will be thrilled to have a public proposal.