The Best Dishes From Around The World

What are the best known cuisines around the world? Find out below!

• Italian cuisine – ranked as the best cuisine by many critics and lists worldwide, Italian cuisine has become famous worldwide thanks to its flexible dishes such as pasta and pizza (which have undoubtedly been integrated into many local cuisines worldwide). Cheese (especially Parmesan cheese), tomatoes, olive oil and wine roughly make up the foundation of Italian cuisine, which is renowned for its simplicity – most dishes often require no more than five or six ingredients. The Italian cuisine has also become renowned worldwide for its coffees, with many varieties of the drink bearing Italian names worldwide; and gelato (the Italian for ice cream).

• French cuisine – being at the heart of the Michelin guide for the best restaurants, France is naturally hailed as a country boasting of a world-class cuisine. In fact, French cuisine is one of the basics taught at most culinary schools worldwide. Just like in Italy, cheese and wine are two essential ingredients of French gastronomy. Bisque, pot au feu, baguettes and foie gras are some best recognized French dishes. More than the regular dishes however, French cuisine is best seen in the realm of desserts – from mille-feuille, eclairs, macarons and gateaux to crepes and mousse, all these dishes trace their roots back to France.

• Chinese cuisine – Chinese cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most exotic cuisines in Hong Kong from around the world, featuring various dishes you would not imagine eating (monkey brains, anyone?). Nonetheless, it makes the list for the best cuisines of the world thanks to its extremely vast repertoire of sublime dishes, which are mainly based on rice, noodles, herbs and vegetables (with special mention of soybeans, naturally!). Amongst the best known Chinese dishes are chao fan and bok choy. Tea should also not be forgotten when discussing Chinese cuisines; the vast number of varieties of teas, from green, white, pu-erh and oolong tea to herbal teas all come from China.

• Lebanese cuisine – traditional Lebanese food also makes the list for the best cuisines of the world in certain lists, hence it’s mentioning here. Lebanon includes vegetables, fruits and seafood abundantly in its dishes, but uses meats only sparingly. Also used rarely are butter and creams (also derivates of animal fats), which can only be usually witnessed in desserts; Lebanon tends to use garlic, olive oil and lemon in many dishes.

• Spanish cuisine – another of the Mediterranean cuisines, Spanish cuisine is also world famous, thanks in no small part to its large imperial realm of the past which took its dishes all the way to the Americas and Africa. The discovery of the Americas was particularly influential, as they introduced tomatoes, chocolate, corn and peppers amongst many other ingredients to Spain and the rest of Europe. Tomatoes in particular are an essential ingredient of Spanish cuisine. Amongst the best dishes of Spain are paella and tapas, with sangria being a very famous drink worldwide.